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  If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere!

Explore the beautiful swiss alps by departing at one of many airports
in switzerland and navigate to one of the Swiss Military Bastion and
land safely. Nearby airports:
Julier SMB is close to: Samedan LSZS
Furka SMB is close to: Ulrichen LSMC
Zermatt SMB is close to: Sion LSGS


Swiss Military Bastion is a fictional implementation of something
that really was going on in Switzerland during WWII times.
The concept, developed by Swiss general Henri Guisan, was called
'Réduit', wich means retreat, and basically consisted of a massive
fortification of the Swiss Alps, to protect and to defense the country
from it's innately least vulnerable terrain: the Alpine area.
Shelter capacities for up to 600.000 people were erected, all
perfectly hidden within the mountainous terrain. 40.000 fortifications
of differing sizes have been built, consuming the remarkable
overall-costs of 6 Billion U$D. Getting rid of this useless historical
ballast again costs quite an amount. The Bastions: In this pack you
will find 3 SMB's, namely Julier, Furka and Zermatt.

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• Flight Adventure Package (3 Flights)
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Expand your experience in the swiss alps with add-ons from:
Switzerland Professional Scenery (Flylogic)

Swiss Military Bastion - The Movie

-> Download the movie (free!)
Windows Media Player, 11 MB, 03'30 Min.

SMB Video Screen

Watch the dramatic events of a short
tempered helicopter crew that is desperate
to land in Swiss terrority. They are low
on fuel and out of time, but the Swiss
bureaucracy keeps them in the air! See
how the pilot negotiates with the Swiss
authorities while running on fumes...
...and expect big cinema :)

Filmed in MS Flight Simulator 2004

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